welcome to #macdev

Please read the FAQ.

#macdev is an IRC channel dedicated to Macintosh Development. We are currently found on the Freenode IRC network.

#macdev was founded on the EFNet IRC network around 1993. During its infancy the channel hosted an average membership of 5 and was mainly an experiment in instant remote communication before such luxuries like iChat existed. As the years passed #macdev slowly grew to a small but diverse group with an average membership of several dozen, and became an indispensable resource for instant technical advice and in-depth chatter. Early in the 2000s, we moved to the Freenode IRC network due to increasing frustration with the stability of Efnet. Today, #macdev is the home of developers covering all areas of the Macintosh platform from low-level kernel hackers to people working with the latest Objective-C technologies and frameworks, and has well over a hundred users signed on at any given time.

If you are new to the channel or haven't checked it in a while, please read the FAQ. Note that being familiar with the FAQ is mandatory, and failing to read the FAQ shall be punished by catapult.

Please take a moment to review mikeash's excellent getting answers guide else we will pwn you! Note that this is not the FAQ.

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