Memorable Quotes

MachinaX^4 - All programming tasks are trivial.
sky - cocoa is so easy even mac developers can do it
arwyn - the random kickings will continue until moral improves
WAHa_06x36 - christ, what a bunch of wankers.
plutonic - if macports uses it then there must be api
JonBad - I would never get anything done if i read all instructions

tonyacunar -
[19:42]		tonyacunar	My macDev friends, is there a way to add
				command line arguments when I run an app from xcode?
[19:42] 	geekable	tonyacunar:   yes
[19:43] 	tonyacunar	geekable: cool, will google it a little more then
[19:43] 	eddienull2	wtf? that never happened before
[19:44] 	geekable	heh
[19:46] 	eddienull2	is that worthy of the quotes pages - 
				"tonyacunar> geekable: cool, will google it a little more then"? perhaps 
				because I waddle is techsupport shit all day but that statement is amazing 
				to me
[19:47] 	geekable	eddienull2:  i agree, it should be on the quotes page... but 
				capture the entire conversation
[19:47] 	tonyacunar	eddienull2: people want things too fast without work
[19:47] 	eddienull2	tonyacurnar, you're my new bff

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