The Regulars

mikeash - Master of all things Cocoa and usually willing to help a developer in distress provided you ask a well-formed, relevant question; See: Getting Answers. When he's not coding for his prominent indie-devish employer or making fun of #macdev n00bs, he enjoys glider piloting.

eddienull - Although accurate record-keeping was not available at the time, reliable reports place eddienull in #macdev from very early on. Master of Carbon and hater of Cocoa, he specializes in Core Audio and maintaining this web site. When not wielding his fearsome LART, he enjoys embedded systems design and small electronics projects.

arwyn - Grumpy old man and master of all things coding. His knowledge of the Mac OS X internals is second to none. More than willing and able to help those in need, he does not suffer the clueless. When not coding for fun or his oppressive narcissistic employer he enjoys viewing massive amounts of pr0n.

autoxr - [no further information]

moki - [no further information]

AngryLuke - A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a dirty joke, AngryLuke is the channel's primary source of mind-bending off-topic links, and the very occasional on-topic insight. Some say Luke is an escaped teletubby. Others say this is mere wishful thinking. Whatever the case, if you need vague allusions to thoroughly unsupported ways to do things in OS X, Luke is your, for lack of a better word, man.

BlackLig - [no further information]

Dr_Qwerty - [no further information]

dre^ - [no further information]

FDj - [no further information]

MrFreak - [no further information]

pudge - That Anonymous Coward we're always hearing about, he trolls around the virtual offices of Slashdot. In his free time he makes music, maintains MacPerl and all of the various Mac::something perl cpan modules.

PXR - [no further information]

Rog - [no further information]

Roogna - [no further information]

rudy - A manically depressed squirrel who has been seen slumming around the likes of Rogue Amoeba, NASA, and Ambrosia Software. He is usually very angry and enjoys stabbing others. He has frequently been observed furtively working on audio-related projects.

mewse - [no further information]

nibs - R.I.P. 08/06/77 - 02/16/08

graphite - R.I.P. 09/13/80 - 11/01/09

xyzzy - Sometimes people disappear from IRC without a trace. Sometimes they are missed, sometimes no one even notices. Some people move on to different hobbies, different jobs, or different channels. Sometimes it's much worse. Brian has been with #macdev from the beginning, and everyone who knew him misses him dearly. Brian passed away on May 23rd, 2006.

more? - [placeholder for those not listed]

stevej - #macdev's resident kook for several years during the previous millennium. Although he has not been seen for the better part of a decade, his reputation for total craziness and trollery has kept his spirit alive. No 21st century #macdev troll has ever approached the sublime terror of stevej, including such latter-day classics as Maticode and PantherMachina. If you want to make an old-time #macdever laugh, just ask him about corm.

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