Rules & Regulations

#0 - Read the FAQ

#1 - The phrase "doesn't work" is not allowed. Instead you must explain the problem.

#2 - All code and error messages shall be copy/pasted verbatim. No paraphrases or vague recollections are allowed.

#3 - No questions shall be asked about any piece of code until that code compiles with absolutely no warnings using -Wall. Exceptions shall be granted for questions about how to get the code to compile with no warnings.

#4 - All code, errors, commands, etc. over a single line must be posted to lisppaste. One-liners which are complicated or which people may need to refer to repeatedly are also encouraged to go on lisppaste instead of the channel.

#5 - Stay on topic. Silence is preferred to rampant off-topicness. (For those of you who may have forgotten, the topic is Macintosh Development.)

#6 - No religion. No politics.

#7 - Use of lolspeak, leetspeak, away messages, or away nick changes shall be punished by catapult.

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